Side Effects of Staying Up Late

3 minutes till 2 AM.. wow.. just a couple minutes more and I can start singing like Anna Nalick! Ok.. maybe not quite like her, she can hit a few notes I just can’t touch, yet I could try! *smiles*..

Yeah, its quite late.. and I’ve been quite busy! I’m very proud of myself! I built up a biig list of things last night that all needed to be finished today and it was QUITE a list. Well.. They’re all done! Every last one of them! Yes, I’m very tired and my left eye is doing funny things like trying to close on me, but all’s well!

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my blog lately and for those of you who usually visit to read about ‘entrepreneurial’ stuff, my last few posts probably seem a bit.. different. We could just ascribe it to the fact that I’ve been known to be very different, as my girlfriend so lovingly points out.. Or there could just be more ;).

A big part of it is habit building. Through my blog I’ve met a bunch of really incredible people and I’ve connected with many of them through different posts that I’ve written on different topics. A few days back I wrote about pies made of blackberries and I’ve already had 2 comments sharing great pie recipes! If I hadn’t wrote that, what are the odds that someone would have thought to send some blackberry goodness my way? Not all that high ;).

So, its about expanding.. getting yourself out there.. My blog is about the “Life of an Entrepreneur’ and while the keyword is definitely ‘entrepreneur’, we’ve also got a lot of life going on and around it. Perhaps someone with almost no interest in entreprenerialism will find their way onto my blog, take interest and then take action.. that would make it all worth it :).

So here’s to blogging and getting yourself out there! The internet’s a big place and you don’t get all that far if you stay huddled up in a digital corner. And.. here’s to a good night’s rest! Looking forward to tomorrow!

Goodnight World!