Singing in the rain

Today was very interesting ;). Being my last day, we decided that we were gonna do some crazy things.. Well, ‘we’ being my friend Jessi and I. So, we got a bunch of our friends together at the local starbucks sharply at 1 PM and thus began the craziness.

It started with only 4 of us, Brian, Jessi, Brian (yeah, two of ’em), and then me :). We played a game called silent football for awhile, which is an EXTREMELY funny game.. You’re passing this invisible football around, and when you talk you cannot show your teeth nor can you ever laugh ;). Yeah, try it..

Then we played this story writing game for the next hour or so.. Where each of us contributed to a story, without knowing what the other had written. That was SO funny and it was strange how well some of the stories fit.

Then a few more people showed up and we had an AWESOME round of silent football, all in the middle of starbucks.. (poor guys ;)..

OH yes, before the extra people showed up.. Jessi, Brian (number two), and I decided we were gonna do some unique. We walked up and down mainstreet placerville and wished over 21 people “An awesome day!” and shook their hand! It was GREAT! We even walked into a tatoo parlor and shook the guy’s hand.. hehe!

THEN, a few hours later, we began the scavenger hunt. Everyone wrote down two things that you had to do.. and they had to be weird, but doable. As I remember them, this is what we had:

1. Walk into Jireh’s bookstore and ask them what the name meant I got that one and did it very nicely, the guy told me and we had a very nice brief chat

2. Run through a parking lot shouting.. “I’m free! I’m free!” .. 3 timesJessi got that one and ran through 3 parking lots, doing a fine job ;).

3. Wear Jessi’s big furry white bootsBrian 2 got that one and wore them into Rite-aid.. we got pictures.. he did very well ;)

4. Walk up to someone and wish them a Merry ChristmasBrian got that one as well.. He walked up to an older lady in Raleys and wished her a merry christmas.. she smiled and wished him one back!

5. Go through a drivethrough and order a glass of water.. while singing “You are my sunshine”..I got that one.. and I drove Jessi’s car, ordered my drink at Taco Bell while singing, and picked up the drink while singing.. I never spoke.. just sang.. yeah ;)

6. Walk up to someone and ask them for 50 centsEmily got this one and did a fine job :)

7. Walk up to an older lady and compliment her hair, then ask where she got it doneEmily got this one and I tell ya, she’s good.. She walked up to an older lady and they had a very nice short chat.. That took a lot.. GO EMILY :)

8. Stand on the courthouse steps and sing the National Anthem!Brian originally got this one and then wimped out on us, so Jessi and I decided to do it. We crossed the street, took our places, and burst out into song.. Yeah, we didn’t know the whole thing, and we started by singing each other’s voices, which sounded kinda strange.. but wow.. We got a few positive honks and a guy said we were good! but.. he wouldn’t give us any money :P. We got pictures.. that was a TON of fun!

And that’s ABOUT it.. We came back and hung around for a little while before heading off and back for home.

Now I’m off to get some food and then head off with Brian for a 7 PM meeting in town with a doctor regarding the mission trip. Goodbye world! Once I get back I have packing to do!


Daily Action Step:

Going out with friends and making many people’s days :)