Snowstorms, Niche Marketing, and Expensive Chinese Food!

My good friend Matt Geri is putting me to shame with his blog post frequency right now ; ). You compeletely redesign your site and suddenly you feel like blogging every day! That’s ok.. He has a few months of zero activity to make up for ; ). Check him out!.. err.. well you can finish reading and then check him out! ; )

So we’ve all been working hard over here in Indiana! This past Sunday, we had two guests over to our humble home, a brother and sister from Ohio, Eric and Michelle. We spent some of Saturday evening and then a bunch of time on Sunday going over niche marketing. We covered the websites themselves, ways to get traffic, and ways to make money. It was a lot of fun! Eric’s off to a strong start and I’ll be looking forward to seeing how he does over the next few weeks! Go get ’em Eric : ).

I saved the notes of our traffic brainstorming and.. you can hold me to this.. I’m planning to share my notes and additional ideas in a big ‘ole ‘traffic’ post. I’ve got some GOOD stuff in there so I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you guys. For many of us, there are strategies that we know about, but just don’t apply them. We’ll see if we can take care of that ; ).

.. We’ve got snow! It’s kinda whimpy stuff and it’s more ‘rainy’ than anything, but it’s definitely snow and it’s been coming down fast! This is nothing like up in Lake Tahoe, but snow is snow and snow is awesome ; ).

Scott, Matt, and I decided to go ahead and brave the elements and do some shopping today. We made our way from the bank over to Wal-mart, picked up some stuff (dish towels, towel paper, soap, bathroom rug.. the essentials ; ).. and then decided that we were hungry! We took a vote and headed over to a local Chinese Buffet.

..It was good ; ).. I’ve.. had better. The important thing was that it was food and we were ALL hungry. We finished up eating and the waitress brought the bill over. I looked at it. I looked again..

“$78 dollars?!”.. I stared at it, added it up, and stared again, then just started laughing. “No way!”.. We all sat around the table for a few minutes. Matt suggested we stick around till breakfast with a price like that. Buffet’s aren’t supposed to be that expensive, no matter what time of day!

I finally made my way over to the counter and asked about the price. The boy told me that it was 28, and not 78.. you just couldn’t read the handwriting ; ). Moral of the story? Write so people can read, unless you’re wanting to get 3 hungry teenagers to think twice about their eating habits.

It was a lot of fun ; ). In other news, our 3-way niche marketing challenge is going good!.. Sorta ; ). Matt and Scott are in a STRONG lead right now.. we’ll see how things go over the next few days ; ). Look forward to some new stuff from me!

Alright guys, I’m off to bed! Have an AWESOME rest of the week! Talk with ya soon : )

-Jonathan Wold