Some amazing stuff!

Today was very very cool.. I got to see a bunch of amazing things today! Now.. given that its past 11, I haven’t given myself much time to write about it, so lets see if I can pick out some highlights..

AH, first off.. my good friend Adam Gaynor launched his website today! Check it out at – He’s got some amazing music up there and I’m proud to have been able to help in anyway I can. It was amazing watching the site go live.. within an hour there were hundreds of people flooding the site and by the end of the evening there were over 1200 new messages on the message board.. Adam’s been working overtime for months on end now and its finally paying off. You’re the man Adam!

After that craziness, Ted and I have been working on several projects.. We’ve picked a product and we’re going to start a sales campaign.. taking the product from start to finish.. We’ve set a goal to sell 100 of a specific product over the next few weeks and if that goes well, we’ll take it up a few notches and keep things moving :). I’ve had a chance to check out the product and WOW am I amazed.. If I can, I’ll post up some samples for you guys. The topic is how to give elevator speeches.. which is basically being able to summarize everything you do into a 30 second speech.. which a VERY important skill for anyone, especially entrepreneurs. I’m looking forward to showing it to you guys :).

And thennn..

Ted and I went and played basketball!.. yeouch.. Ted gave it all he had and pulled away with an early 12 – 2 lead.. He played VERY aggressively and bolted past me more than a few times.. I missed a few important free throws and got called on a few fouls. Then, I picked the pace up and brought the score up to 17 – 16, Ted was up 1. A few more points and we were tied at 19 a piece. 2 points left.. one shot for either of us and it was game over. We went a good 10 plays without scoring.. it was intense.. Ted was giving it all he had and finally.. SCORE! He sunk a basket for the win.

..He then went on to whoop me at several games of H-O-R-S-E.. oh well.. he needed the wins ;). Now we’re 3-2 at 21.. I’m up one.. *grins*.. tomorrow.. tomorrow ;).

Before the game, we managed a nice walk out with Marty the dog and I grabbed a few pictures! Check ’em out!

There’s Marty!

There’s me!

And that’s that! ;). Got a BUNCH of stuff lined up for tomorrow.. Ted and I have a LOT of work ahead of us. I’m going to start work on my new website soon and I’ve got a bunch of stuff to work on for Youthcove. We’re having a Brainstorm session in a week and I’ve got lots to prepare for! Its exciting :).

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Getting beat at Basketball and becoming a better player ;).

P.S. Thanks to all of you guys who emailed me about the interview! I’ve got one lined up already and I’ll be emailing the rest of you back as soon as I can! There’s still a few more I can take on if you hurry :).