Starting up the countdown!

GOOOD evening everybody! Its been a wonderful day and I’m so glad to be here! Started off the morning with a nice crawl outta bed and got things going with a hot/cold shower.. boy does that ever wake ya up. Got a bit bummed with my smoothie selection this morning.. ran low on bananas so I substituted with raspberries.. which was.. well.. well ya know what, it was VERY colorful! Juuust like..

My friend “bright eyes” the turtle!

She sits happily on top of my monitor and keeps the conversation going when things get slow.. she’s QUITE a character ;). Alright, yeah.. I’m having too much fun with my new webcam! Huge thanks again to Adam for that!

Wow, time’s really winding down here.. just about a week left and then I’m outta here. I’ll be off to the Philippines and won’t be back and running again till the 1st of April! Wow.. that’s a LONG time without a computer.. think I’ll make it? Heck ya ;).

So I’ve got some rather serious business decisions to make before I go. Right now I am contemplating the future of “The Startup Blog“, which has been the chronicle of my very public venture into the web hosting world. Its been a good 6 months into the project and even with the successes I’ve had, its nowhere near where it should be. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and over the next few days, I’ll be deciding its future.

Youthcove has also been very heavy on my mind. My favorite community of young entrepreneurs has been growing beyond my wildest expectations and with that growth have risen all sorts of amazing challenges. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the team.. I’ve realized, the hard way, that there are things I simply cannot do. Being a part of an active and thriving web community takes a lot from you and as a leader, you absolutely must have a team that you support and that backs you up. I tried building that team, and then didn’t follow through. I had great people and I sincerely hope that we’re able to pull together again.. not to simply recreate what once was, ‘cuz that can never be done, but to create a team that’s capable of so much more. That’s the only way this community can truly succeed and TRULY make a difference. We’ve already started and its been amazing watching it.. Youthcove has had such a dramatic and powerful influence on my life and I’ll give my all to share that difference with others.

And with that, my web design business has been going well! I’m getting better and better at what I do.. learning more CSS, tackling PHP and, slowly but surely, with the ever patient help of my good friends, I’m learning! Today I tackled some mySQL on a forum mod and I came out on top after a LONG struggle.. I was very very happy to see things work :).

I have an idea about creating a multi-part guide for beginners to affiliate programs… no, it wouldn’t be something I wrote on my own, but rather I’ve been thinking about a collaboration between Youthcove members.. we’ll see how that goes.. I’m going to be focusing a lot on affiliate products during my internship in April.. We’ll see ;).

I got hit with a 94 dollar phone bill today! YEOUCH! That simply was not cool.. its paid and taken care of.. and in the future I am going to be MUCH more careful with those text messaging charges! I had AOL running on my own, WHILE I was signed into my account through my PC.. good ‘ole tmobile counts each IM as a text message.. yikes.

And that’s just about that.. I got my new SHOES today! Thanks SOO much Amae, they’re awesome!!

Alright, off to bed I go.. tomorrow is a big day and I’m gonna be ready for it!

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Ahh.. American Idol ;). Yes.. I’m hooked.. and terribly so.. tonight was a GREAT show! Another great plus was checking out my good buddy Jordan’s new site at – He’s got this really interesting thing going on with these “Jumpsoles” of his.. wow.. you’ll just have to check it out :).