I talked about today’s storm over at Startup Blog earlier today and given that its such an awesome topic, I’m gonna talk about it again!

Storms have always held a strong fascination with me. My first ‘complete’ poem was about a storm. Ever since I was a young one, something about storms have always drawn me to them. Yeah, sounds a bit strange.. but so am I :).

As I close my eyes, I go back a few years to the coasts of Northern California. Step by step I make my way along the beach, plodding through the wet sand and moving in pace with the incoming tide. I hear the surf pounding the rocks just ahead and watch as the sky fills itself with storm clouds. Slowly they roll in, the faint sound of thunder roars just off in the distance. Something catches my eye and I turn fast, a single bolt of lightning fades bright against the horizon.

The thunder rolls louder now, as the clouds grow darker and continue their path inland. I reach the end of the sand and look up into the light rain towards the top of the mountain. Tall it stands, its outline harsh against the darkened sky. A second bolt of lightning lights the area around me.. and I smile. Being careful not to fall I make my way up the mountain side, grabbing for trees and rocks as I ascend upwards. The storm grows more intense, the rain continues its barrage down upon me, soaking my hair and threatening to wash through my jacket.

A few minutes more and there I stand. The wind lashes out all around me, pulling at my hair and clothes. The thunder roars again, just above me. I cover my ears for a moment before dropping my hands back out against my sides. There I am. All of nature in her fury around me. The ocean crashes against the mountainside. The sky pours out rain, little caring about me and my soaked clothes. The wind continues her pull and the ground seems to shake. God speaks through the storm.

So yeah.. I like storms :). That was a fun freewrite.. I’m gonna do those more often!

Alright, so other than the storm, I’ve had a very interesting day! I did a bunch of work on my website over at I added a photo gallery, several new articles, and I added this blog onto the site :). Pretty good if you ask me!

I also did a bunch of work on over at Got the new layout on up there and added some content into the main page. Still have a lot of work to do but things are going well.

What else..

Oh yeah, I stayed home from going to the snow with the Carltons today. That was quite a bummer, but I knew I still had a ton of things to do so it just wasn’t possible for me to go. I also went through several important phone calls with my brother and some good friends of mine, so I’m glad I didn’t miss those.

All and all today was a good day. I’m thankful for Sabbath and I’m looking forward to tomorrow! My youngest brother is turning 14 years old tomorrow and I’m gonna head on up to the house and surprise him! That’s gonna be great :)

Alright world, I’m off for now!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Getting the website updated and doing a bunch of work on my site :)