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Update: For those still arriving to this page in 2007 and on, the site below is no longer owned by yours truly. It, along with a number of other sites in my old “empire”, were passed along. To see a more recent example of a niche project of mine, give the following link a click and learn how to stop snoring.

Looking for information on sump pumps? Check out sump pump! A lot of hard work has gone into putting together a sump pump resource site!

Not sure what a sump pump is? Check out our guide and learn the answer to the inevitable question, what is a sump pump?

Looking for ways to install a sump pump? Check out our sump pump installation guide!

All this and more, including information on repairing your sump pump and replacing your sump pump, awaits you at!

..And for those of you who aren’t looking for sump pumps, be sure to check out the site anyway ;). Its the latest in my network of content sites and I’ve got some serious plans for it. I don’t know a lot about sump pumps myself, so I’m on the look for experts interested in helping me put together content for the site.

Check it out, let me know what you think, and check back in a few weeks to get some results on how the site’s been doing!

Have an awesome day!

-Jonathan Wold

12 thoughts on “Sump Pumps Information

  1. Nick

    Having been in the pump industry for around 15 years both on the tools and off, it strikes me that (now i don’t mean to be to rude!) you ‘ve been given what i would call not sound advice! or no one has a clue!

    If you would like some advice please drop me a line

    P.S I do like the comment of “its not complicated to repair a sump pump, although i have not opted to do this as yet” How the hell would you know then!!!!!!!

  2. rex flay

    Nick you raise a valid point in the world of the interent and niche content. PErhaps there is a problem with sites being authored by non-experts. What is their purpose? Some think they are mercernaries seeking to profit from a niche that nobody has really done well on the internet. I myself would much rather learn about sump pumps from an expert of 15 years, not a 19 year old, but then again i dont think much harm is being done with mr wold’s website. Mr Wood isn’t dumb, he’s a smart business man, but not expert. Those equipped with the most integrous and best knowledge will pass their information forward and influence the world. Remember that Mr. Wold :)

  3. Nancy

    I am interested in the process of selecting a knowledgeable person to investigate where to install and to then to install a sump pum in my celler. I should mention that I live close to the ocean and do not have a water problem that covers the entire basement floor. It usually takes at least 5/6inches of rain over a short period 5 days. Also the floor is quite thin with dirt underneath and the water seeps up from under this thin floor. Also, I presently have a sump pump that does not appear to be in the “lowest” spot in the cellar. Also it does not activate itself in a timely fashion. I would appreciate some candid advise as I am concerned that in putting a second one in I will have perhaps encourage more water to gather and not solve my problem which is reallly quite minor and mostly a nusance .

    1. Clyde

      Hi Nancy,
      In regard to another sump pit drawing water.
      This is a good thing, as it will draw water away
      from other areas of your basement.
      If you install a good high volume pump, it will pump more often at first, but it can actually lower the water table around your house, which will keep everything more dry. At that time the pump will run less often. The pit should be slightly deeper that the level of you foundation walls.


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