Sump Pumps Information

Update: For those still arriving to this page in 2007 and on, the site below is no longer owned by yours truly. It, along with a number of other sites in my old “empire”, were passed along. To see a more recent example of a niche project of mine, give the following link a click and learn how to stop snoring.

Looking for information on sump pumps? Check out sump pump! A lot of hard work has gone into putting together a sump pump resource site!

Not sure what a sump pump is? Check out our guide and learn the answer to the inevitable question, what is a sump pump?

Looking for ways to install a sump pump? Check out our sump pump installation guide!

All this and more, including information on repairing your sump pump and replacing your sump pump, awaits you at!

..And for those of you who aren’t looking for sump pumps, be sure to check out the site anyway ;). Its the latest in my network of content sites and I’ve got some serious plans for it. I don’t know a lot about sump pumps myself, so I’m on the look for experts interested in helping me put together content for the site.

Check it out, let me know what you think, and check back in a few weeks to get some results on how the site’s been doing!

Have an awesome day!

-Jonathan Wold