Switching to WordPress, Niche Marketing, and Snow!

Well well well, here we are again and its 2 AM! To blog or to sleep.. Well, definitely sleep, but first, how about a blog update? ;)

After going through a bunch of hesitations about switching from Blogger to WordPress, I’m just about solid on the decision and, even more importantly, just about ready to make it happen. Having more control over my publishing platform (wow, that sounded.. important) is worth the pain and potential grief that ‘switching’ may cause. There’d likely be an inevitable mess of search engine ranking as popular pages were suddenly ‘moved’, but with some forethought and with time, it’ll be sorted out.

So I’m going to be making the switch! When? Well, it’ll be a little bit after the Youthcove Blog is launched, which gives me an extra bit of motivation ;). One big blog project at a time now! – Props goes to Andy Skelton for putting together a great guide! You’re a life saver bro! :)

I’ll also be going live with a few other projects of mine, incluuuding a potential remake of jonathanwold.com. That’s a big one.. Don’t know if I’m quite ready for all that’s involved in that, but its important and needs attention :).

And in other news? I’m going strong in niche marketing! I’ve picked up subscriptions to a few new membership sites over the past week and been disappointed and very pleased at the same time. Some of them have been great, some.. well.. not-so-great :). I’m considering putting together a review of all the membership sites I’ve joined, along with some general strategies for making the most of membership sites.. For those of you who’re interested, just send me an email or drop a quick comment. It’s always good to know if anyone’s interested before you get started on something ;).

Things are going well and, for the most part, I’ve been dealing well with our good friend ‘overload’. Yeah, things are going well :).

My good friend and mentor Paulie Sabol just returned from a trip to Panama yesterday! We visited this evening and spent some time playing DDR ;). That was a lot of fun and great excersise!

And finally.. guess what..

It started SNOWING today! Wow.. and boy is it ever cold outside! That’s awesome though! I love the snow! I’m getting the sense that winter is coming ;).

Have an awesome evening!

-Jonathan Wold