Taking things seriously

I’ve been doing an incredible amount of thinking, praying, and reading today.. I have these really REALLY strong feelings going around inside me and I haven’t quite figured them out yet.

I feel that if time goes on, everything will start falling into place.. that could be within a few months, or maybe a few years.. Stronger than that though, I feel that I have the opportunity to start making things happen now. That I’ve been given the talents and the abilities to MAKE things happen and.. if I can do it when things are relatively easy and I don’t HAVE to do it.. well.. then that would be good :).

Why should I have to wait till things get difficult to prove what I’m capable of? Why should God have to allow something to mess things up in my life before I start taking things seriously?

You hear all the time about these powerful life changes that take place after a near-death experience.. Well uhh.. I shouldn’t have to have one of those.

I’ve been blessed in so many ways its rediculous, and with those blessings come an enormous responsibility.. Its time I start taking that responsibility serious and allow that to reflect in my life.

What’s all that mean?

Well.. I’m not completely sure yet :). I’ve decided that the MOST important thing for me, in my life, is my personal relationship with God. That’s right.. that’s what it ALL boils down too.. that’s what I believe and that’s gone to my very core.. Its SO easy to get caught up in the hundreds of doctrines out there… to become divided by the thousands of theories, the split hairs. If I tried doing that, I’d lose it all, snap.. and fail. So I’m not going there.

I’m going to work on my relationship with God, whom I believe is the source of all the blessings in my life, and who has entrusted me with my talents and abilities. I’m going to strive to always put him first, and involve him in EVERYTHING. That means allowing the example he set for us in the Bible to become a part of my life, to be reflected through my life..

Know what? Its not easy..

Even just speaking of things like that, I am brought aware of the many MANY areas of my life that need work. If I allowed myself to dwell on my problems, I would again snap, and fail. So I’m going to dwell on God and what he’s done for me.

I may get a lot of flack for it.. and that’s ok. Its worth it :).

So.. what happens tomorrow?

Well, that’s a great question :). As soon as I finish this post and brush my teeth, I’m going to work on my rough plan. I’ll be up around 4-5:30 for a hot/cold shower, worship, and then start my day.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on a few of the things that are very important in my life right now.. those include:

  1. Youthcove – Ahh Youthcove.. (www.youthcove.com for those of you who don’t know yet ;).. This is something that I’ve felt such a strong calling for and so far, I haven’t followed through. Youthcove is about providing a community for young entrepreneurs, a way for people to meet each other, to make new friends, and to get the support they need. Its also about providing the tools for those who have what it takes to actually start DOING things.. When I got started at 15, that’s all I needed.. I needed someone to point me in the right direction! I needed a guide, people who believed in me.. ANYTHING.So I’ve got a bunch of surprises in store for YC.. things are really going to start happening :). I’m going to do a lot of thinking about that tomorrow as I put my thoughts into words and share them with the community.. then things will start to happen. Action will create action and in this case, I’m creating action by example.
  2. Aimee’s projects – I’ll be doing a lot of work on Aimee’s stuff tomorrow. She has her own personal website that I’ll be working on, as well as websites for a few of her friends. That’s right up my alley and it’ll be really good experience for me :).
  3. Hostingfrog – Yeah, gotta be working on my hosting business :). I’ve been really blessed with that business and there’s NO reason it shouldn’t already be soaring. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but action leads to action, as I’m learning oh so well.. so I’m going to make something happen :).

What else will I be doing tomorrow.. hmmm.. have to wait and see I guess :).

Had a few cool things happen today..

  1. Had an awesome talk with my girlfriend – Not that that’s anything new, but its always still really cool ;). We’ve grown closer and closer together these past few months, especially the past month. We’re both going through a lot, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. Today was a really cool day for us to just spend some time together.
  2. Went to an all black church – Now that was just awesome.. hehe! I haven’t had that many handshakes in one day in a LONG time. I went to church there and stayed for lunch.. met a TON of people. It was a huge blessing for me and I’m looking forward to going back next Sabbath. I love the music!
  3. Got a credit card – AMAZING! Yes! I FINALLY have my own credit card! I won’t have it HERE personally for a few more days, but I’ve got it! Its miiine! Yes.. time to use it responsibility ;).

So all and all today was a really good day! NOWW its time for me to get off to bed and get ready for tomorrow! Got lots and lots to do :).

God bless!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Lots and lots of thinking.. and then deciding its time to make things happen.. and then starting to do JUST that! :)