The boy who couldn’t say no

So the tale goes that not long ago,
There lived a boy, who couldn’t say no.

You’d ask him for money,
And his wallet was yours.
You’d ask him to help you,
And he’d do all your chores.

You’d ask him the answer,
to the meaning of life.
And he’d sit up thinking,
all day and all night,
Wondering and puzzling,
to figure it out,
so that in your mind,
there’d be no doubt..

That he was the boy,
Who’d never say no.
Despite what you asked him,
Despite where he’d go..
He’d travel the world,
If that’s what you bid.
He showed such devotion,
for such a young kid.

Then one day it happened,
He had to say no,
For he was a just short one,
And you asked him to grow.

-Jonathan Wold

… I had fun with that one ;). Was inspired by a friend and I felt like throwing out some rhymes.. Well! The weekend is herrre! I made some updates to the website of jonathan wold (that’s me) and got a few things added up there. Also spent most of today working on integrating a blog into Amae’s site.

I’m studying the works of Andrew Loomis right now.. he’s a well known artist who’s done a LOT of work in his time.. I’m particularly interested in his cartoon drawings. Once I’ve had some practice I’m going to take them to paint! Check his stuff out at

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Working on the blog, writing a poem ;).