The Email That Brought Me Back

Dear Readers,

It’s been some time since my hands have given expression to thought on this humble blog. I’ve contemplated new posts every now and then and, in one case, even began preparing a first draft. I didn’t finish, though, and a busy life provided little opportunity to think about blogging let alone to blog.

An email changed that, though.

I received an email letting me know that a sponsor was willing to pay for a new post on my blog. The sum of money was what I’d originally asked for when joining the service a year or more ago. I’d intentionally set it high as I hadn’t fully decided whether “sponsored reviews” was a direction I wanted to pursue.

That email got me thinking. Initially, I said yes. I’d looked over the site and, contrary to finding anything objectionable, found it interesting enough. With little time on my hands between family, work, and a few side projects, though, I hadn’t actually had time to write the review until this morning, a few days before the deadline.

I took a short walk before sunrise this morning and after asking God for wisdom, I came to my decision. I wouldn’t write the review.

Integrity is crucial. Those who requested the review had, understandably, requested that I not mention it being a paid review. That could easily lead my readers to believe that it was a personal endorsement when, in actuality, had it not been for the offer to be paid, I wouldn’t have written about this particular site.

So, it was a simple decision. The small sum I’d make upfront wasn’t worth the risk of losing your trust.

And, there was an added blessed in all this..

I’m blogging again :).

Have a wonderful rest of the day and look forward to more.

Jonathan Wold