The Secrets to Win

Who’s to say, what tomorrow may bring..
And who will dare say.. that they know everything.
Tomorrow’s not here,
Yesterday is gone,
And if we’re not careful,
Today could go wrong.

Each day is a chance,
You live or you die,
And each day has a moment,
Where all that you try..
Comes together through chaos,
Amidst all the storm,
And there for a moment,
..A choice.

Do you give in?
Back down?
Let it go with a sigh?
Or press on and upward,
Till you feel you can fly..

Its not easy,
You’ll fall.
You’ll crash hard and fail,
But get up,
Its not over..
And one day you’ll sail..

Through the waters that held you,
Beneath their dark waves,
And threatened to drown you,
In a watery grave.

Life’s full of of problems,
And most will give in.
But its through them you gather,
The secrets.. to win.

Mmm.. I felt like writing : ). Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Building and launching the basics of a brand new public site of mine.. details soon.. I can’t wait to show you guys! : )