These are a few of my favorite things

Hey guys!

I’m getting ready to head off to spend the first half of the weekend at my good friend’s house and as I’m all packed up and just waiting to be picked up, I wanted to take a minute and try something a bit different. So here I go!

A few of my favorite things

  • Being outside during a storm- There’s a good one, right off the bat. I realllly really enjoy being in the middle of a storm. One of my favorite places in all of nature is being on a mountain top along the California coast line just as a huge thunderstorm begins to roll in. There’s just something about it.. I just can’t help but smile and feel my heart beat faster, my energy rise, and everything in my world just seem a little bit brighter.
  • Eating a good meal – Yeah, I like eating ;). I tend to go on and off from “healthy” to “not-so-healthy”, though I’d really like to stick to the former all the way through ;). I enjoy ALL types of food.. There are no fruits or vegetables that I’ve yet had that I haven’t liked.. and I’ve had a lot. There are almost no food types that I don’t enjoy.. I even like Indian food, though I can’t take the heat ;). I’ve never tasted meat, though I imagine I’d like that as well.
  • A full glass of cool water on a hot summer day – Ahhh.. refreshing :). Yeah, that’s definitely one of my favorite things. Its that satisfying feeling you get as you take a drink right after a long basketball game with a good friend. That feeling you get just after a hard afternoon’s work mowing lawns in the unforgiving sun as you take that drink of fresh water you’ve been longing for.. That same feeling you get on a beautiful day at the beach as you’re sitting back with some good friends, relaxing, and just soaking up the sun, a glass (or bottle) of water in your hand.. mmm :)
  • Being with people I care about and laughing till we cry – Hehee.. those are some of my fondest memories.. Being with my loved ones, my family, my girlfriend, and my friends, and just laughing. Laughing till we’re rolling on the ground, till our stomachs hurt, till we’re crying, and then suddenly being sober.. and then laughing all over again. Yeah.. good stuff ;). You don’t really know someone till you’ve laughed your eyes out with them.
  • W..

Whoops! My friends are here! Have an AWESOME weekend guys! I’ll finish this up later ;).

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold