Three Huge Days In One! – Matt, James, and Joslyn!

I’ve had a LOT of stuff going on over in my life right now, one of the big things being that I’m in the process of finishing my move! I’m moving into a bigger apartment! I’ve taken a bunch of pictures and I’ll be putting those up soon, as well as updating you guys on what else has been going on in my life :).

Meanwhile though.. there are some brilliant young people I know that deserve some attention!

First, we’ve got one of my closest friends, Matt Geri. Today he launched his FIRST product! He’s been working hard on it and boy does it show. I had the privilege of watching him put together his offer and develop his product and he did an incredible job. A huge congrats to you Matt! This first offer of his went live over on the warrior forum and he’s already sold 10 copies within just a few hours, check it out and grab your own copy:

Next up we’ve got my awesome friend James Coombs. Just yesterday he opened the doors to his own gaming center! This is the real deal.. He’s been planning it out for months and its finally all fallen into place! Today marked his first set of customers! A HUGE congrats to you James!

Check out James and his progress over on the Nitronworks Blog! IF you’re near him in the UK, be sure to stop on by and say hi!

And last, but definitely not least, we have a young lady who holds a very special place in my heart, my dear girlfriend Joslyn. She’s been working extremely hard over the past 3 weeks, raising money for trip to Korea in January, where she’ll be volunteering her time to teach English. She’s put a bunch of time and effort over the past few weeks into writing a package of private label articles on Winter Gardens. Private label, for those not in the know just yet, means that once you buy one of the limited copies, you have full rights to republish the articles on your website, blog, offline publication, etc, and put your own name to them.

I had the privilege to help out through the process and watch the hard work she put into each piece of writing. I’m very very proud of her and I encourage you guys to check out her offer and take up the chance to share in some of her high quality work.

Check it out at:

It’s so awesome to see other young people out there taking action! Keep up the great work guys :).

Alright, I’m off to vacuum and finish unpacking! Have an awesome evening!