Or Tweety Bird, as some prefer! My good friend Mandy Fintel has been working on an awesome site for those who love and want to know more about that cute little yellow bird, Tweety! You can learn about the history of Tweety and find all sorts of fun stuff hidden around the site! And if you’re feeling especially Tweetyish, you can take a quiz to find out what type of Tweety you are! I took the quiz and according to Tweety Friends:

You Are An Adult Tweety.
You, as an adult, enjoy adults and people of your own age. You enjoy the comforts, securities and love at home. You are not afraid to go to others outside your home when seeking advice. You enjoy the comfort of those close to your hear to protect you. What kind of tweety are you?

There ya go! ;).. I didn’t know there was so much to learn about Tweety! Be sure to check the site out and send her some love! She’s put a lot of working into building an awesome little site!

-Jonathan Wold