Wake up and sore eyes

First of all.. today was a business wake up call. Second.. I have very sore eyes ‘cuz its past midnight and I was supposed to be in bed a LONG time ago. Things just didn’t quite work out for me..

I began the day on fire. Got a BUNCH of stuff done in the early morning. I worked on Amae’s site, then moved on, finishing things off on my list left and right.. around 2 or so I had lunch and kept on rolling.

..then it started happening.

I began to run out of things to do. Restlessness set in.. I felt I wasn’t accomplishing things. There was so much that could still be done and I wasn’t doing it.

So time went on. My girlfriend came on and we talked for awhile.. I tried to explain what I was going through and didn’t make much sense of it. Looking back now, it was all pretty silly.. and she was absolutely awesome about it. She supported me, even though I wasn’t thinking straight.. she let me know that she loved me and that she knew I’d figure it out. Then she gave me time to work.

A few hours had passed since the feelings had started.. that restlessness.. that feeling of unsatisfication. Now my girlfriend had just left and I was feeling different.. I felt this energy surging through me.. I didn’t know WHAT to do but I had to do something..

Then I was talking to Derek, my partner in Hostingfrog. He was asking me questions about Hostingfrog which I wasn’t able to answer.. even down to the simple ones like.. ‘who is our audience?’.. I realized that I didn’t have the vision. I realized that I had many of the pieces figured out, but I didn’t have the vision!

This completely woke up me.. how could I not have figured this stuff out? I have a responsibility here and, despite my best intentions, I’d been slacking! This is my business and its time I started treating it like one.

So, I busted out a new word document and began writing. 6 pages later I stopped and took it to paper.. I wrote.. wrote.. and kept writing.. Its about an hour or so later now and I’m just finishing this journal up.. My girlfriend got online to check up on me and I realized that she was getting sick. She hadn’t been feeling well for a few days now, but I hadn’t made the connection. Now she has a really nasty cold, and she hadn’t told me anything about it.. She said she knew I’d stop working if I knew.. mmm =\.

That really takes a lot.. and now I’m ashamed for not having picked up on it, and amazed that she wouldn’t say anything. She wanted to make sure that I kept things going and that I got things done.. She’s been my strongest support, never doubting me, always being there, always lifting me up. Without her, I wouldn’t be writing this today. I thank God for her, and not nearly enough.

Remember those who mean the most to you.. the ones that you take for granted. They’re always there for you.. they love you and they support you.. don’t forget them! Let them KNOW how much you care.. take care of them. When everything else goes crashing around you, they’re still there.. they know you.. they won’t give up on you.

Alright.. time for this tired young man to get some rest.. got another huge day tomorrow. I just finished my ‘master list’.. and I’m good to go!

Goodnight world :)

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Realizing how important the people in my life are.. and how much I still have to do.