Web Designer Extraordinaire

Or at least a web designer that has a lot of fun!

I tell ya.. this web design stuff sure can be FRUSTRATING. I’ve spent nearly ALLL day in Web Design mode and now, I don’t want to stop!

There you can see some work I did for Renee Airya, a young lady I had the pleasure of meeting within the past few days. She recently went through an incredible bout with a brain tumor and is an amazing survivor. Her website was having some issues and needed to be updated and a menu added in, so I took care of that. Its not one of my designs, but I did my best :).

You’d be amazed at how long simple reconstruction can take! I had to make the site nearly identical to how it was originally, and then add in a menu. The original designer only used pictures.. and me, bandwidth and usability conscious as I am, decided it needed to be text. 3 hours later and yay for me it was all done :P. I tell ya, tables can be SUCH a bear to work with sometimes.

..And then things got better

I began working on Youthcove! I spent a LONG time sketching out the site design on paper.. thinking about content and about the overall user experience. I put a ton of thought (and have many tons to go) into what each page will actually have on it, and then into what its gonna take to make all that happen.

Then Joshua, my younger brother, and I started talking about the graphics. With his skillz we were able to put together a bunch of roughs. Ok, he was able to put them together.. I whined about ideas of mine and complained about colors..

He came through though and wow! I can’t show you guys the really good stuff yet, but here’s a preview :).



Pretty wild huh? ;). I’m excited.. and wow I’ve got a ton of work to do!

I have 3 main projects now while I’m at Aimee’s.

  1. Aimee’s Site – We talked a lot about her design today and uhh.. I’ve got my work cut out for me. She has a bunch of ideas, all of them really good.. This site is gonna test everything I’m capable of as a designer and as a programmer.. dang yeah :P. You should see the sketches.. as an artist too! I’ll show you guys later.

  2. Hostingfrog – That site is going to HAPPEN. I’m, quite frankly, still not happy with the Design. I think I’m going to take it on myself and just make it happen :). I have a great idea of where to go now.. I’ll still give James the credit for the work, but its time to claim the site as my own and get my own touch into it. Its actually kinda exciting .. :)

  3. Youthcove! – I’ve got SOO much to do for Youthcove! I have more work than I can even imagine and, for a lot of it, I’m on my own! I’ve already had a few close friends of mine a tad skeptical of the design.. and as someone who takes things like that very personally, that was a bit tough for me.. but that’s ok :). I’m going to keep at it.. wow.. got lots to do!

And with that.. its ’bout time for bed! Got another HUGE day tomorrow! I’m planning to do sumore work on the YC site over the next few days.. Or, I should say, work that’s visible.. so you guys will have an idea of what’s going on ;).

Stay tuned.. *grins*..


P.S. I AMM looking for people interested in helping. Can’t promise you’ll see all that’s going on, but ya never know ;). Contact me.

Daily Action Step:

Getting serious about web design :).