Week Two In Tahoe

Hey guys! Just checking in from BEAUTIFUL Lake Tahoe, California! I’m up here with my awesome friend, Matt Geri, and we’ve been having a GREAT time! We did a bunch of snowboarding this week and next week, our last week in Tahoe, we’re gonna be doing sumore ;). It’s been awesome!

Oh yes, and being the entrepreneurs that we are, we just couldn’t resist putting together a product ;). On our scheduled second day of snowboarding, Matt and I were too sore and recovering from colds to go out, so we decided to spend the day developing a product. It worked out really well and we’re very proud of it!

You can check it out at: http://warriorforum.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=67445

I’ll be writing more about it later.. this offer brought up a bunch of new challenges for both Matt and I. Challenges are good, just.. challenging ;). Completely worth it though! We’re proud of how it’s been turning out.

Hope you guys are having a great new year and have an AWESOME weekend!

Talk with you soon!