Why aren’t you in college?

Alright, so I’m a straight A student.. only had 2 B’s my entire life, and I asked for them ‘cuz I felt I didn’t deserve an A. When I started Junior College I was at the very top of all my classes and I loved it. The college environment was awesome, even at just 17 I was soaking it all in and, though it was a lot of work, having the time of my life.

… So why am I not in college now?

Because I do not believe, for where I am in life, and for the opportunities availible to me, that college is my best option.

Think about that.. college is supposed to be the land of opporunity. Just what else IS there? Well.. that’s where the problem is.

So many of the young people I talk too think college is all there is.

Don’t get me wrong, college has a ton of great opportunities and I have NOT ruled out attending over the next few years. Probably the biggest reason for me would be the socializing.. not just for fun but to be around people who were highly motivated like me and have what it takes to make a difference, in business, in relationships, in life. On top of that, I’m very interested in learning more about some of the Entrepreneurial Degrees they offer. I’ve heard about them, but not much more than that.

So, what’s better than college?

Well, for me the answer has been being a full-time entrepreneur. The experiences that I’ve had in the past 8 months have been more powerful than most of my life put together. I’ve had to step completely outside of all my comfort zones and really take a look at who I am. I’ve been very fortunate in my circumstances.. People have taken in me without having ever met me. They’ve opened their homes to me and given me the freedom run my businesses. In return, I help them in anyway I can, whether it be web design, technical help, business, cleaning houses, or just about anything.

The experiences I’ve had you just cannot GET anywhere else! I’ve met so many people, from so many different backgrounds. The feeling that you get, standing in a train station in the middle of nowhere, with all your belongings in tow and no real clue about what’s happening next, is QUITE a feeling. Its definitely not for everyone, but for where I am right now in life, it works for me :).

So, I’m down here in LA. I have about a month left and a TON of work to do. Gosh, its insane how much I have to do.. :P. Word of advice for the rest of you entrepreneurs out there, and people in general, don’t take on too much! I mean that! Sure, easier said than done, I know.. but take it seriously! I have over SEVEN different projects, each just as important as the next and each ONE of them could take up all of my time. I’d hate to see where I would be if I wasn’t a master of time management ;).

So, I’m at a very important part in my life. What I do here in LA will affect a lot of what happens next. I have a website to build that is more challenging than ANYTHING I’ve ever done.. no wait.. I have a BUNCH of websites to build :P. And through all that, there are businesses to run, projects to keep rolling, and a personal life to take care of.. yeah, can’t forget that ;).

Now.. if I went to college.. things would be easier..

I would have a nice daily routine.. and I wouldn’t have to worry about business! Sure, you can run a business in college.. but its just not the same. You’re in a much more ‘relaxed’ atmosphere.. you don’t HAVE to take business seriously. If I was in college, I would be letting things slide.. and I would have a GREAT excuse, I’m learning ;).

Well, I’m learning now :).

And I’m also getting very tired.. hehe.. so off to bed I go and I have a BIG day tomorrow! Going to be working on the Youthcove newsletter!

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Goodnight world! :)

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Takin’ it easy.. taking a nice nap, spending time with my girl, and after sundown, taking care of a bunch of client stuff.

7 thoughts on “Why aren’t you in college?

  1. Brian Watkins

    This post really hits home with me Jonathan! I choose to skip college as well. I have concluded, as a general rule, that hardcore entrepreneurs should not go to college. The leverage is to low in my mind compared to what a really ambitious trep can squeeze out of the real world. S-Quads, and small time B-Quads, college may be a good fit for you though! ;) Anyway, that is just my opinion.

    Also, it is funny you mentioned not taking on too much at once. Just yesterday I committed to a big deal with my parents that will add a ton of responsibilities to my daily schedule for the next six months. I will have almost no free time left! But it will definitely be worth it in the end and I love living life to extremes! ;)

    Brian Watkins

  2. Jonathan Wold

    HMMM… well.. make sure you at LEAST set aside a day a week to relax ;). Seriously.. a day in which you do NOTHING unless you want too. That’s one of the biggest things that’s kept me sane through all this. I take Saturday off and do absolutely no work. Even if all you do is sleep, it’ll make a huge difference.

    Hang in there bro! We wanna see you alive and well in 6 months! ;)


  3. Josh Garofalo

    Great post Jonathan.

    I agree with you totally. I think college/university has its ups and downs just like any other option. Those who run to college because they think it’s THE way to succeed aren’t thinking things through. Those who dismiss the idea without a lot of thought because they think that it has no role in success aren’t thinking either. It’s a great option and opportunity… and everyone should evaluate it.

    My thoughts anyways.

  4. Anonymous

    A lot of young people read richdad poordad and decide they dont want to goto college because they want to be an “entrepreneur”. When in fact it is their laziness.

    I think college is very important for entrepreneurs. It gives them valuable business knowledge and you deal with all sorts of people.

    Dont not goto college because of laziness. If you really think its not for you just make sure that is the right decision.

    I got the chance to meet Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen. Two famous multi millionaires. You know what they told me? “We recommend college as a minimum. Goto college and become a millionaire while you are there.”

    Goodluck everyone.

  5. Josh Garofalo

    Well said Matt!

    I plan to at least try for a full year and see how I like it. I figure we are so lucky to have this opportunity, why not take advantage?

    Sure in university/college you will be forced to take courses you have no interest in… however they could ignite a new interest, provide a new perspective, or just help you practice getting through the things you don’t enjoy so much effectively.

    I almost made the mistake you stated… I thought I didn’t want to go to university because I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs learn from the ‘street’. Really it was my lazyness.

  6. Jonathan Wold

    Laziness is definitely a very very poor excuse. I would challenge anyone who is thinking of NOT going to make sure they think about why..

    For me, it was because I had many very real and very active opportunities. I didn’t have them when I got started, but I have them now. I wouldn’t be traveling like I am now if I was in college and, for now, this is the right thing for me to be doing.

    If you’ve decided not to go.. what ARE you going to do?

    If you don’t go, are you going to be able to discipline yourself into getting things done? Are you going to be able to continue your education? You must be constantly learning.. Or are you just gonna sit around all day?

    Think about it very carefully. If you don’t go.. where will you be in 4 years? :). How about if you do?

    Great comments guys! Thanks!



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