Wrapping Up The Evening

And first off on the evening agenda, we’ve gottt.. Pixel Madness! My good friend Benjamin Fitts recently wrote a post about Pixel Ad Space, giving some of his thoughts on the phenomenon and even some predictions. He mentioned one of my experiences and you can read more about that by checking out my comment on his post ;).

I bought advertising space on the Million Penny Homepage. See if you can spot me in the mass of colors and text ;). So far it’s been well worth the money I spent and, of course, it was just plain fun. I also bought up some advertising space for Youthcove.com while I was at it. We’ve had several new members as a result of that, so it was definitely worth it!

I did a TON of cleaning today! My humble abode is looking quite nice and I feel much happier about it! I updated my project board and, well, its a bit overwhelming at first glance, to say the least. I’ve got 25 projects sitting in my ‘inbox’ right now and only 15 in the outbox.. I’ve got a lot of work to do!

Today was the start of a new excersise routine for me and my good friend James Coombs. No details yet.. all I know is that I’m still a tad sore from the rock climbing last weekend.

And finallly, to wrap up the night, I wanted to give you guys a heads up that I’m going to be giving away an awesome animated bible or history video over the next week, compliments of my mom! Check out her website for Animated Bible and History Videos. I’ll be writing more about it later :). I grew up on those videos and they were awesome, I learned a TON about history and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Off to bed I go! Goodnight World :).

-Jonathan Wold