Wrapping Up The Week! – The Mold Blog

And WOW has it been an incredible week! Boy I’m worn out, but its a really good feeling! As soon as I’m done posting, I’m gonna head off, clean up my house a bit, and then its time to do some relaxing! Its been a really really good week :).

I got more than half of my major goals accomplished and wound up meeting a few I hadn’t even thought of! I began work on my first ‘for profit’ blog this morning, starting with the purchase of the domain name.

Guess what niche it is? ;)

Yup! Mold!

You can check out my handiwork in the VERY early stages of progress by visiting the mold blog at moldblogger.com. A huge thanks to my good friend Cary of ipod-church.com for the help and encouragement! Woulda been in a big mess without him! :)

Right now, all you’ll see are some quick news story excerpts I pulled together Over the next few weeks I’m going to be putting together a mold content writing plan and working with a couple of brilliant writers to put out some high quality useful content.

..Wow.. never thought I’d be building a virtual empire of mold.. Hey.. whatever works ;). Thanks again go out to my dear mom for suggesting the topic! She’s been wanting to learn more about mold so I shall provide a resource!

If anyone out there has a site about mold or is interested in working in the ‘mold’ market, drop me a line, I’m always interested in meeting new people and working together!

Alright, enough organics for the evening..

Let’s talk about food ;).

I headed over to one of my favorite local food stops for lunch this afternoon, Subway! I decided to get creative and try something different. Wow.. what a sandwhich :). Today I had:

A foot long Veggie with Italian herb and cheese bread. I had it toasted with extra provalone (spelling?) cheese and a nice fresh veggie patty. A bunch of tomatoes and a good helping of onions, topped off with two handfuls of spinach, mayonaise (and lots of it!), southwest sauce and oregano! Mmm mmm MMM it was good!

..In writing that’s called a rough transition.. and if its not, I’m gonna call it that anyway. Its not everyday you see someone jump from talking about mold to their favorite meal. Hmm.. yeah, I’m glad the week is over. Its been a good one :).

Alright, I’m off for the weekend! Ya’ll have an awesome evening and take care of yourselves! Make sure to set aside some time and do something fun! :)

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold