Wrapping up the week!

Wow has it been a week! My younger brother Josiah has been visiting since last Wednesday and we’ve had an awesome time together! I’ve been teaching him niche marketing and he’s been helping me build content sites.

Today we worked together on the launch of the latest niche site.. which you can read about in the previous post ;). Josiah helped write 2 pages of the site content and we worked together on doing the research. It was fun! Now we wait to see how the site does :).

Man.. time really flies.. I am so worn out! The weekend is a very welcome thing :).

We’ll see how things go next week! I’ll be doing sumore work on content sites and also working on getting my finances all in order.. and then, I’ll be planning my trip with my awesome friend Matt Geri, to Tahoe! We’re going to be spending 2 weeks together in the snow, building our virtual empires and snowboarding! I can’t wait :).

Have an awesome weekend!