Young Entrepreneurs Working Hard

I’ve been checking out what some of the members of have been up too this evening. Youthcove, for those of you who haven’t checked it out yet, is a community of young entrepreneurs from all around the world.

One of the members of Youthcove and a good friend of mine is James Coombs of He’s doing some incredible stuff over in the UK. James is getting ready to launch his own computer gaming center! He’s been in the planning stage for a few months now and now he’s taking some serious action on it. I checked out his blog and he’s got pictures of the work he’s doing and wow! James is still a teenager and he’s already taking entrepreneurialsm very seriously. Check out the nitronworks blog to learn more about his project, code named ‘Sleepy Ninja’. Go get ’em James!

Another YC member and a good friend of mine is Mandy Fintel. She’s just launched a new internet marketing knowledge library over on her site and on top of that, Mandy is on her way to dominating the Tweety Bird niche :).

Another brilliant young YC member, Joslyn Rose, launched a garden blog and she’s already working hard on putting together some brilliant content as she gets that site going. That’s on top of her already existing recipe blog that went live a few weeks ago.

And then there’s my good friend Brentos who’s launched his ebook covers service just a few weeks ago. He’s another young entrepreneur who’s taking it serious. Brentos isn’t even 18 yet and he’s already kicking it up a few notches!

Dave Getchel
, another Islander in the Youthcove Community, has also been working hard. He’s getting ready to launch a new blog about ‘switching to apple’ and has just gone live with a site covering foreign DVD reviews. Keep an eye on him, he’s gonna be doing some great stuff :).

Finally this evening, and only for now, ‘cuz there are a ton of other young entrepreneurs who deserve some serious recognition, there’s one of my closest friends, business partners and also a fellow YC member, Matt Geri. He’s been working really hard on dominating the dog lovers niche over at That’s on top of his great work in the ringtones niche with

And that’s a mid evening round up of some of the brilliant young entrepreneurs I’ve been priviledged to know :). Always on the look out to meet more! Are you a young entrepreneur that I haven’t had the priviledge of meeting yet? Or maybe even someone who doesn’t even consider themself an entrepreneur but would like to learn more? Drop me a comment, I’d love to hear from you :). Also.. be sure to check out the youthcove community, which is a community built by and for young entrepreneurs.

Have a great evening!