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Nothing like taking a quick work break to launch a site ; ). This little baby took about 20 minutes to finish up. My secret? Instead of building it myself, I worked with someone else! In this case, this particular site is the handiwork of Jeff Usher. I’ll be sharing more about that as I get the chance. Meanwhile, enjoy the goodness! I’ll take another break later on in the month and add more content on in to it. Here’s an excerpt from the site:

The question of what foods are healthy can often be quite a difficult one to answer. The research often seems to be in conflict, the studies that say a particular food is great for you one day often turn around and warn against that very food the next day. Sorting through all this clutter to find the real deal on nutrition and what foods are healthy can be difficult.

Dietary fads seem to come and go on an alarmingly regular basis as well. The low fiber high fat diets of yesterday give way to low fat low protein diets, and the wheel just keeps rolling, with too little thought given to what foods are healthy.

Check it out in all its glory and pick up some healthy food tips over at

Off to keep working on a big day!

-Jonathan Wold

I’ve been working extra hard over the past few days and I’m proud to announce that a brand new website of mine is now live. Looking for information on glucose meters or, even better, information on how to get a free glucose meter? Check out We’ve got articles, information, visitor submitted tips, and, yup, information on how you can get a glucose meter absolutely free!

I’m particularly proud of this site :). It represents a new breed of niche website for me.. one that takes considerly more work but in the long run I believe will continue growing and become more and more valuable, both as a resource, and as a stream of income, as time goes on.

Look forward to more! I’ve been staying busy! ;)


Well now there’s a headline! ; ).. I should soo be in bed right now as I’m working hard to kick my ‘late to bed’ habit, but, oh well. It’s time to update you guys! :)

Matt and I arrived back in Indiana on Sunday and we’ve been getting settled back in. Today was our shopping day and WHAT a day.. Ok, it was ‘my’ shopping day. After taking Matt and Scott over to Subway and us all grabbing some subway style goodness for lunch, I headed off to Paulie’s to pick him up and do some grocery shopping. Plans changed fast though when Paulie wound up getting locked out of the house and needed to stick around for the locksmith. 30 minutes later found me in one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world.. Costco! ;) 2 and a half hours later found me home and..

Just look at all that food! That’s insane and awesome! Today I focused on breakfast mostly and we’re all taken care of for about 2 weeks. We’ve got lunches to make it through a week and then, next week, I’ll be focusing on lunches, getting the supplies I need to start.. cooking!

That’s right ;). I’m going to start cooking! Not just me, mind you, as much as they’re willing, Matt and Scott will be cooking too!

..Alright, for those of you who don’t yet know who Matt and Scott are, I’ll fill you in ;). Over the next few months, I, along with Matt Geri and Scott Byers, are living out here in Indiana as interns for my good friend and mentor, Paulie Sabol. We’re working hard on a bunch of internet marketing projects and we’ve got some exCITING stuff planned out for the next few weeks!

Over the next few months, the three of us are going to be working together on Paulie’s projects and on our own projects. I’ve got a LOT of stuff planned in niche marketing ; ).

Matt and I are working hard on a new project of ours which we’ll be sharing information on before long! To give you a smalll hint.. we’re getting ready to create our first membership site together ; ).

Many of you guys know that Matt and I launched our first product together just about a week and a half ago! Yeah, we were on vacation and yeahh.. we weren’t supposed to be working.. but heck with that! We couldn’t help ourselves ;). It’s gone VERY well so far and we’ve both REALLY appreciated ALL your feedback! You guys have been absolutely awesome! For those of you who haven’t had a chance to read the offer or buy a copy yet, check out our offer over on the warrior forum by clicking here. We’ve only got a few copies left! :)

And speaking of offers.. I’m going to be launching my second personal product very very soon. I’m really excited about it :). I’ve been working with some really talented people to put together a TOP notch product that I’m already very proud of. Look forward to it!

And that’s just about that.. Tomorrow we’ll all be up bright and early for breakfast, another good day’s work, and then I think it’s about time to start working on ; ). Matt’s been busy over on with a COMPLETE new redesign! Check it OUT! Time for me to get working on mine ; ).

Alright guys, I’m off to bed! Goodnight World and talk to ya soon!

-Jonathan Wold

Hey guys! Just checking in on a BEAUTIFUL Thursday evening up in Lake Tahoe, California! After a crazy winter storm earlier in the week, things have cleared up and today it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Matt and I hit the slopes bright and early and stayed out till 30 minutes before the main lifts back to the base closed.

Today was AWESOME! Check out the picture!

Yeah, it’s amazing ; ). Matt and I did really well today, carving through the trees, nailing a few baby jumps, and eating up the powder! I got a nice kiss from the snow after a faceplant from a crazy jump.. couldn’t feel my face for a few minutes ;). Matt had a good laugh and, of course, sliced through the jump jusst fine. There’s always tomorrow!

And tomorrow will be our last day in Tahoe! My good friend Jessi is, weather permitting, heading up bright and early tomorrow for a run with Matt and I on Heavenly. Looking forward to it! After that we’ll be heading down to Sacramento to visit my good friends Sterling and Will, and then back off to Indiana on Sunday! There were a LOT of awesome people I didn’t get a chance to meet up with.. sorry guys :(. I’ll plan on spending more time in California next time!

And that’s just about that.. tonight is the last night of our ‘one week of niche goodness’. Matt and I have been putting together, selling, and delivering some AWESOME niche reports! It’s been a lot of fun! We’re writing the last report this evening and sending it out to our customers. We’ve got just a couple of copies left! If you’re interested in niche marketing, these are for you! :) – Head on over to my post on the Warrior Forum and check it out! Click here! :)

Alrighty! Off to finish the report and then get some food.. then.. sleep! Tomorrow’s gonna be awesome!

Have a great evening!

-Jonathan Wold

Hey guys! Just checking in from BEAUTIFUL Lake Tahoe, California! I’m up here with my awesome friend, Matt Geri, and we’ve been having a GREAT time! We did a bunch of snowboarding this week and next week, our last week in Tahoe, we’re gonna be doing sumore ;). It’s been awesome!

Oh yes, and being the entrepreneurs that we are, we just couldn’t resist putting together a product ;). On our scheduled second day of snowboarding, Matt and I were too sore and recovering from colds to go out, so we decided to spend the day developing a product. It worked out really well and we’re very proud of it!

You can check it out at:

I’ll be writing more about it later.. this offer brought up a bunch of new challenges for both Matt and I. Challenges are good, just.. challenging ;). Completely worth it though! We’re proud of how it’s been turning out.

Hope you guys are having a great new year and have an AWESOME weekend!

Talk with you soon!