• Loss and Sorrow

    Loss and Sorrow

    For anyone who asked I described 2023 as the best and worst year of my life. Now, nearly halfway through 2024, I’m ready to write about it. Read More »

  • Broken Streaks

    Broken Streaks

    This year has been simultaneously the best and worst of my 37 years on earth so far. Through the ups and downs, tiny habits have continued to do their part to keep me on the rails. Two habits in particular have stayed with me the longest: pushups, and a daily cold shower. Today would have… Read More »

  • Lucifer Again

    Lucifer Again

    I didn’t feel the nerves this time. I was surprised I didn’t. For a moment, I worried that I didn’t. Two years ago, when I’d begun my acting foray, I’d felt a lot of nerves. This time, even reprising the same role, I had thought I’d feel some nerves, some uncertainty. I hadn’t, though, and… Read More »

  • Value of an App Store

    Value of an App Store

    I’ve been thinking and writing about the idea of an “App Store” for WordPress for a few years now and the time is feeling increasingly right for it to happen. Read More »

  • Growing a SaaS in WordPress

    For a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business wanting to grow, the WordPress ecosystem, now powering more than 43%¹ of the web, offers more opportunity than ever. Its decentralized nature² presents a challenge, especially for those new to the ecosystem. It’s a challenge, though, readily solved through partnerships, presence, and contribution. Read More »