• A Newcomer’s Guide to WordCamps

    WordCamps are part of the essential magic of WordPress. They connect community (including newcomers!) to each other, inspire attendees with what’s possible in WordPress, and encourage (and empower) people to contribute, which makes WordPress (and the ecosystem) better for us all. Read More »

  • A Guild for WordPress Product Businesses

    I’ve been thinking about the benefits and tradeoffs of decentralization and my hypothesis is that the concept of a guild for WordPress product businesses might be just the thing we need to mitigate the tradeoffs of decentralization faced by extenders. So I started doing some research. Read More »

  • Monetizing an Ecosystem Plugin

    What I’m intrigued about most right now is how you effectively monetize an ecosystem plugin. My hypothesis is that ecosystem plugins within WordPress are undervalued and underdeveloped as value-based businesses and, accordingly, are far from achieving their economic potential. Read More »

  • Hosts and the Free Rider Problem

    On the one hand we love free riders. Their confidence in WordPress has lead to its adoption and has, overall, lead to an increase in investment in the project, to which we all benefit. Where it gets tricky, though, are the product businesses that extend WordPress. Read More »

  • Opportunities


    How do you choose? How do you filter through the possibilities available to you? I have five questions I ask myself, sometimes consciously, often subconsciously, when sorting through opportunities. Read More »