• Hosts and the Free Rider Problem

    On the one hand we love free riders. Their confidence in WordPress has lead to its adoption and has, overall, lead to an increase in investment in the project, to which we all benefit. Where it gets tricky, though, are the product businesses that extend WordPress. Read More »

  • Opportunities


    How do you choose? How do you filter through the possibilities available to you? I have five questions I ask myself, sometimes consciously, often subconsciously, when sorting through opportunities. Read More »

  • I found it particularly difficult giving a talk on a topic I’m passionate about in front of so many of my friends. I loved it, though, am happy with how it turned out and I loved the opportunity to be back at a WordCamp. If you’re interested in the topic of growing a product business… Read More »

  • On the Edge

    There’s a joy and satisfaction in knowing you did your best, even (and especially) when it’s right on the edge. It was Monday night at CloudFest in Germany. Jet lag was catching up with me and sleep was sounding pretty good. At an event like CloudFest with hundreds of speakers the organizing team works hard… Read More »

  • No More

    We had our final show on Sunday and a get together after that went into the evening. I got home after 1 AM and I felt it Monday morning. A day later, there’s still a sense of sadness, of loss, floating around me. A few minutes before we went on stage, I had a moment… Read More »