Side effects of sleeping in

So its 2 in the morning, and I’m still awake. In the backround, some classical music hums quietly through my speakers. A dull glow illuminates Los Angeles.. hmm..

What brings a homeschooler to Los Angeles?

Homeschooler? Yeah.. that’s me. Just another sheltered homeschooler ;).

I’ve talked with many many people about homeschooling. They are interested in my experiences and, more often than not, are quick to offer advice. It could be anything from, “Ohh you poor thing, you need to get out more! be with people!”.. too.. “you’re crazy’. Yeah, I get that last one a lot..

So, lets talk about the first. According to the ‘norm’, as a homeschooler, I should NOT be able to handle myself in public. I should shy away from any contact with ‘outsiders’ and any chance I have to be outgoing should be squashed by my extreme sense of insecurity. I shouldn’t be comfortable meeting new people and I certainly shouldn’t be running businesses that require any sort of contact with the ‘outside’.

The solution, as offered, is that I desperately needed public school. I needed a dose of real life, I need to be given a taste of what the real world has to offer.


Well. I can’t tell you what I would be like if I had gone to public school.. except that I would be completely different. How do I know that? Well.. I wouldn’t have had nearly the time I did back when I got ‘started’ on the internet.. I wouldn’t have met the people I met.. I probably wouldn’t have had a real interest in business.. and I wouldn’t have such a strong desire to be with ‘people’.

Yeah, homeschooling did that to me..

Instead of sending me running into a corner, I want to be out there, I want to be around people. I decided long ago I wouldn’t cut it as a programmer or anything that required long hours in front of a computer or desk.. I have to be out with people.. interacting, enjoying, learning..

Now, I’m not putting down public school. I don’t agree with a lot of what goes on in our systems, particularly here in America, yet I’m not putting them down. Just like my position on college education, I feel that more often than not peopel shirk their responsibility to truly research and know what their options are. For some, public school may be EXACTLY the environment they need.

I have seen homeschoolers who just aren’t social.. and I’ve seen public schoolers the exact same way. (I’m lumping private on in with the public schoolers, forgive me ;).. For me, homeschooling was the environment that I needed. There are definitely things I would do over if given the chance.. I believe I wasted a lot of opporunity while I was younger and given the chance, I would relive that. However, I don’t have the chance :). What I do have is today.

Hmm.. and that’s just about that. Where did all that come from? Well, I tell ya.. this is what happens when you’re up at 2 in the morning ;). Feel free to add in your thoughts and comments, I’ll be writing more on this as time passes.

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

sleeping in.. wait.. that’s not an action step.. uhmm.. waking up :).. and.. getting youthcove back online ;).

8 hours of CSS

My eyes hurt.. I’ve decided that, no matter what, I’m going to go play basketball tomorrow. The fresh air and excersise will do me a LOT of good.

I’ve been able to do a lot of awesome stuff on the computer these past few days, but uhh.. gotta make sure I’m taking good care of myself. When I look away from the computer and its still there (ok, its not THAT bad).. that’s bad ;).

I had some trouble with my blog the other night, so it didn’t show up until this morning, though I made sure it was written ;).

So I got up this morning, and after a cold shower, worship, and some time catching up on some emails, going over some plans with my partner Matt Geri, and cleaning my room, I was ready to get rolling!

I originally had only set aside 2 hours for reading about and learning CSS. I went into primetime ‘mode’, in which I don’t allow any distractions, and I read. I read.. and I kept on reading.. and then I started doing research. I began looking all over the internet.. up and down.. high and low.. Looking for all the information I could find on CSS..

..and boy, did I find it!

Oh, and for those of you who don’t yet know what CSS is.. it stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Its a way of controlling layout (the stuff that you see) on a webpage. Its a sort of ‘new’ thing in the web design world.. not actually new, but only recently taking on a widespread appeal. Most webpages are design using something called tables, which contro the appearance of content on the page. CSS eliminates the need for tables, which can cause all sorts of problems, and instead, frees up the webpage to display as it should, to load fast, and to be compatible on all sorts of levels with your visitors computers.

I have a LOT of work ahead of me, and I’m going for a mastery of the CSS language. Matt is also looking at CSS with a renewed interest and will probably be joining me!

The whole idea here is..

I’m continuing my education. Instead of just sitting back and going off of what I know, I’m learning new things. I’m learning things that are going to make a difference in the way that I sell web design and in the way that I deliver web design. It’ll allow me to provide an even greater level of high quality service for my customers :).

Speaking of which, I FINALLY made some updates to my web design business site at! Yeah, its about 2 days old but still new far as this blog is concerned. I’m excited that I finally got something done! Since all of our business so far has been word of mouth, Matt and I have lacked the motivation to really do much with Blueflame. Now, with my renewed interest in web design, I’ll be throwing my hat back in the ring and stepping things up!

Its exciting :).

In other news,, my community for young entrepreneurs, recently passed 8000 posts and 1500 threads! I’m very proud and I look forward to our one year anniversary! It also reminds me of just how much there is still left to DO!

I’ve got 4 days, as of tomorrow, till the next Youthcove newsletter goes out.. yikes.. I better get busy ;).

I’ve also got a website to deliver!

Alright, tomorrow’s another day.. Time to tell my girlfriend goodnight and off to bed I go! Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

8 hours on CSS!

Wake up and sore eyes

First of all.. today was a business wake up call. Second.. I have very sore eyes ‘cuz its past midnight and I was supposed to be in bed a LONG time ago. Things just didn’t quite work out for me..

I began the day on fire. Got a BUNCH of stuff done in the early morning. I worked on Amae’s site, then moved on, finishing things off on my list left and right.. around 2 or so I had lunch and kept on rolling.

..then it started happening.

I began to run out of things to do. Restlessness set in.. I felt I wasn’t accomplishing things. There was so much that could still be done and I wasn’t doing it.

So time went on. My girlfriend came on and we talked for awhile.. I tried to explain what I was going through and didn’t make much sense of it. Looking back now, it was all pretty silly.. and she was absolutely awesome about it. She supported me, even though I wasn’t thinking straight.. she let me know that she loved me and that she knew I’d figure it out. Then she gave me time to work.

A few hours had passed since the feelings had started.. that restlessness.. that feeling of unsatisfication. Now my girlfriend had just left and I was feeling different.. I felt this energy surging through me.. I didn’t know WHAT to do but I had to do something..

Then I was talking to Derek, my partner in Hostingfrog. He was asking me questions about Hostingfrog which I wasn’t able to answer.. even down to the simple ones like.. ‘who is our audience?’.. I realized that I didn’t have the vision. I realized that I had many of the pieces figured out, but I didn’t have the vision!

This completely woke up me.. how could I not have figured this stuff out? I have a responsibility here and, despite my best intentions, I’d been slacking! This is my business and its time I started treating it like one.

So, I busted out a new word document and began writing. 6 pages later I stopped and took it to paper.. I wrote.. wrote.. and kept writing.. Its about an hour or so later now and I’m just finishing this journal up.. My girlfriend got online to check up on me and I realized that she was getting sick. She hadn’t been feeling well for a few days now, but I hadn’t made the connection. Now she has a really nasty cold, and she hadn’t told me anything about it.. She said she knew I’d stop working if I knew.. mmm =\.

That really takes a lot.. and now I’m ashamed for not having picked up on it, and amazed that she wouldn’t say anything. She wanted to make sure that I kept things going and that I got things done.. She’s been my strongest support, never doubting me, always being there, always lifting me up. Without her, I wouldn’t be writing this today. I thank God for her, and not nearly enough.

Remember those who mean the most to you.. the ones that you take for granted. They’re always there for you.. they love you and they support you.. don’t forget them! Let them KNOW how much you care.. take care of them. When everything else goes crashing around you, they’re still there.. they know you.. they won’t give up on you.

Alright.. time for this tired young man to get some rest.. got another huge day tomorrow. I just finished my ‘master list’.. and I’m good to go!

Goodnight world :)

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Realizing how important the people in my life are.. and how much I still have to do.

Day at the Beach

It all began when my alarm went off at.. something something AM. I was up till 2 this morning and decided that I could afford to sleep in ;). My alarm went off around 8:45 AM and I was up and at ’em! Spent some time with my girlfriend and some time working on a web site project for a client of mine.. had a nice big bowl of healthy cereal.. talked with my brother.. checked my emails, caught up on a few I’d been slacking with, cleaned up my room..

..and then the day began.

Victor called around 11:50 AM. We were scheduled to meet at noon. I said goodbye to Amae and headed out the door.

For those of you who don’t yet know, Victor is a good friend of mine and fellow young entrepreneur from Youthcove. He’s 19 years old and runs his own fitness business at We’d never met in person for today, so it was a new experience for both of us. Today is the first time that Youthcove members, to my knowledge, have met in person :).

After a quick stop at a local store to pick up a basketball we parked his car and began walking for the beach.

..and then things began to get interesting.

Now if you’ve never been to LA, its hard to imagine what was waiting for us.. I’m staying in an area known as Venice, which is famous for muscle beach, and the venice boardwalk, among other things. As you walk along the beach you see SOO many different people, all shapes and sizes, and.. the hair! I thought I had wild hair..

So Victor and I are having a great time, chatting up a storm, talking about business, about life, about youthcove, and occasionally about the stuff we’re seeing as we walk.

Let me try and describe it for you..

You’re walking down the boardwalk (which is cement, in this case) and there’s almost always a crowd of people. On one side you have all the local shops, restaraunts, clothing, the works.. on the other side, between you and the beach, you have all the artists, entertainers, and weirdos. The requirement for being there is that you must be original.. if you’re selling stuff you have to have made it your own and.. on the spot! The result is a lot of VERY interesting stuff!

Today there was a thick fog over the beach. We broke through the crowds, past the line of artists and weirdos, and headed out into the sand. It was amazing. As you approach the ocean, you’re suddenly alone. All around you is nothing but sand.. where you were once completely surrounded by people, you can now be alone. A hundred feet or so off to our left, a man practicing yoga.. to our right.. a flock of birds picking at shells.. and quiet. We looked back and there was nothing, a thick layer of fog hid LA from view.. it was awesome :).

So we walked along the beach.. each picked up some shells for our girlfriends, and headed over to the basketball courts.

Now, a word or two about the ball we chose. Immediately upon leaving the store, receipt and ball in hand, we realized something was funny with our ball. Not only were we both able to hold it straight out with one hand, but very easily.. once we got to the courts our suspicion was affirmed.. Our hands had not grown in size, we had just got ourselves a girls ball. No worries though! We still had our dignity..

..ok, so not much. After about an hour of playing, two little kids came over, each about 4 feet tall. THEY had basketballs bigger than ours. It didn’t matter that they could barely hit the nets with them, they were bigger! Ah well, it was still fun ;).

Alright, and now things really got interesting..

We were hungry!

We’re in Venice, a place known for its originality. So Victor and I decided that we had to check out some local shops. I had been told of a vegetarian place that had an incredible all you can eat 6 dollar meal and I was sold.

Two hours later we were still walking up and down the boardwalk. We thought we’d found it, only to take a look at the menus and discover that this must be the 16 dollar big brother.. that simply wouldn’t do. So I gave Jason (Amae’s boyfriend) a call and he gave me directions. It was the other direction.. argh :P.

So, 30 minutes or so later, we’re realllly hungry. We wind our ways through alleys, with specific directions yet, for some reason, they don’t seem to apply to us. Perhaps the streets were moving on us.. maybe we just weren’t paying attention.

Our stomachs roared and we pressed on! We were determined.. we didn’t come here just to eat, we came here for the experience! We were going to find out what this local food business was all about.. We’re not worried about food, we’re looking to build memories. We plodded on, backstreet after backstreet, cross street after cross street.. absolutely determined to reach our prize! It was close now.. it couldn’t be much further.. it was so close we could almost smell it!

..No wait, that was subway.

Ok, so the local experience deal didn’t quite work out.. I ordered 2 foot long veggie delites and Victor had a nice steak deal. We ate, we stuffed ourselves, we talked.. we had a good time :).

Heck with the local experience, we were hungry!

Hehe.. today was awesome :). Now I’m off to bed and looking forward to tomorrow.. got LOTS of business to work on!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Meeting Victor and eating 2 foot long subs!..