• I just finished a multi-year read-through of High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. It’s an excellent book and focuses on the concept of achieving high performance through the consistent practice of six key habits. The Six Habits The first habit is to seek clarity. The heart of the idea is to be clear on where… Read More »

  • Reading Collections

    On a small white table beside my favorite reading chair I have five books. (Previously, I had thirty or so books there and decided that was too much). It was hard to pick those five! And it was easy. Hard because I have over a hundred unread books to choose from in my office. Easy… Read More »

  • Investing in Value

    I got my start making “real money” at 19. I had discovered the world of arbitrage and applied it to the web, buying low-cost traffic through Google AdWords and directing it to sites displaying higher value ads via Google AdSense, then profiting on the difference. For a few months, I was rolling it in. It… Read More »

  • In the Benefits and Tradeoffs of Decentralization I wrote about WordPress’ nature as an open source operating system and the decentralized ecosystem that has grown around it. WordPress as an Operating System has three key audiences: Creators – The folks who bring their ideas to life on the Open Web. Extenders – The folks who… Read More »

  • WordPress is an operating system for empowering creativity on the Open Web. With 40%+ of the web running on WordPress, WordPress is also an indicator of the health of the Open Web. The better WordPress empowers creators and the extenders and hosting providers who serve them, the better the health of the internet as a… Read More »