• In the Benefits and Tradeoffs of Decentralization I wrote about WordPress’ nature as an open source operating system and the decentralized ecosystem that has grown around it. WordPress as an Operating System has three key audiences: Creators – The folks who bring their ideas to life on the Open Web. Extenders – The folks who […] Read More »

  • WordPress is an operating system for empowering creativity on the Open Web. With 40%+ of the web running on WordPress, WordPress is also an indicator of the health of the Open Web. The better WordPress empowers creators and the extenders and hosting providers who serve them, the better the health of the internet as a […] Read More »

  • Go With The Flow

    I started reading books on time management as a late teenager. One of my first blog posts was about time management! (That, frankly, was embarrassing to re-read – and that means I’ve grown!) I remember how inspired I felt. I started implementing time management systems and felt like I was figuring it all out. One […] Read More »

  • I did my sets of pushups today, just like any other day and nothing felt particularly special about it. It’s a big day, though. I’ve now done multiple sets of pushups every day for 1001 days in a row. No days missed. Rain or shine, on a frozen lake, atop a mountain, on a boat, […] Read More »

  • Distributed Work

    I resisted the idea of working outside of an office for a long time. Sure, I didn’t mind working from home now and then, but an office was where real work happened. Around 9 years ago, my wife and I moved across country and suddenly working from home was the only choice there was. The […] Read More »