• Arrival in LA

    I’m writing after only 4 or so sketchy hours of sleep, so I’m exhausted.. Completely exhausted. I was up at 3:30 AM this morning, took a shower, got ready, and Brian and I were off to the airport. We took his grandmother with us, who had a flight at 6 AM. Mine wasn’t till 11:10.… Read More »

  • Singing in the rain

    Today was very interesting ;). Being my last day, we decided that we were gonna do some crazy things.. Well, ‘we’ being my friend Jessi and I. So, we got a bunch of our friends together at the local starbucks sharply at 1 PM and thus began the craziness. It started with only 4 of… Read More »

  • Meeting in Hangtown

    Today has been a great day :). I was up and at ’em bright and early this morning.. well, 7 AM to be exact. Brian’s younger brother (I’m staying with the Carlton family right now) went skiing today and Brian and I got to take him to the ‘meeting point’ where some friends of his… Read More »

  • A long day

    Today was quite a day for me. I went to church this morning with my good friend Brian and was very richly blessed. We went through about 9 or so songs before the ‘service’ and it was awesome.. Everyone was singing their best and with their grandmother playing the Piano it sounded absolutely incredible. It… Read More »

  • Birthdays and SNOW

    My youngest brother turned 14 day.. wow! I went to see him and my mom up in the foothills and wowww has he grown.. It was great seeing them again. Ok.. I wear a size 11 1/2 shoe.. and my 14 year old brother is already in size 13’s.. Yeah, its pretty scary.. At 6’1,… Read More »