• Myths and Lists ;)

    Well its late at night and sadly I won’t get anywhere near my goal of bed by 9:30, however! It was completely worth it! Today has been an incredible day for me! I have learned SOO much and I am completely excited about taking what I’ve learned and applying it too tomorrow. Where shall we… Read More »

  • Basketball on the Beach

    Ya know what? Today has been a very good day :). I started this morning.. confused.. a bit disillusioned about what to do out of the mass of projects I had waiting for me.. and unsure of most everything. So.. I prayed about it. Took time away from everything and just read and prayed for… Read More »

  • Blank Stare

    uhh.. I’m supposed to be writing my journal now.. Its 11:41 and I just got off the phone with my girlfriend.. she said I have to write in my journal now, soo.. I’m writing in my journal.. *rubs eyes*.. *wakes up a bit*.. She’s awesome :). I’m a very very fortunate young man.. its not… Read More »

  • Or at least a web designer that has a lot of fun! I tell ya.. this web design stuff sure can be FRUSTRATING. I’ve spent nearly ALLL day in Web Design mode and now, I don’t want to stop! There you can see some work I did for Renee Airya, a young lady I had… Read More »

  • Taking things seriously

    I’ve been doing an incredible amount of thinking, praying, and reading today.. I have these really REALLY strong feelings going around inside me and I haven’t quite figured them out yet. I feel that if time goes on, everything will start falling into place.. that could be within a few months, or maybe a few… Read More »